Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Site Inspection Done!

I had my first formal site inspection today with our site supervisor. Great to see the progress up close, not just on ground floor but also up stairs where I went to the first floor using a temporary ladder! Anyways, the agenda for this inspection is to see the rectification works done as a result of Frames Inspection conducted last week.

We booked New Homes Inspection for Frames Inspection and the inspector assigned to us did a great job in picking up issues. The inspection was done last 16 May. None of the items were major but were still glad those are raised and fixed. Only 2 slab-related issues are outstanding, pending advise from engineering department but our site supervisor will let us know when they are fixed which is targeted before brick layering starts.

Today, our heating and cooling equipments also came and will be scheduled for installation. Plumbing was done yesterday and the tap on the front of the house is very close to the driveway! According to SS it is the water company that decides where to place that. So we will just get that relocated later. We're very pleased with the progress so far...

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