Friday, August 31, 2012

Handover Day!!!

Exactly 4 months 2 weeks and 4 days since our site start last 13 April 2012, we got the keys to our new house this afternoon- 31st August!!! Our PCI went well last 16th August. There were 36 items that our independent inspector picked up, while around 19 for other minor cosmetic items that we picked during inspection with our SS. We are very pleased to engage an independent inspector who was able to find major issues such as sagging ceiling, bowed walls, defective render, etc. All but 2 items in that report were accepted by Carlisle Homes for rectification which are acceptable to us.

We rebooked New Home Inspections for re-inspection just so that there is consistency in the perspective of acceptable quality. Something that we the house owners won't be able to tell and basically we did that for our own peace of mind. Our handover inspection was held today and we're glad that we got the inspector again as he was able to pick up another item - scratches on one of the glazed sliding door. Our inspector was happy with the rectification works and there were just 3 pending items for fixing. Those items were noted in the Letter of Undertaking on Settlement Items. Those items were:

- Rectify render blemishes to front of Garage and LHS entry pier at bottom
- Rectify mortar colour difference to RHS of front entry door
- Reglaze one panel on sliding door to Alfresco (the new item picked up by our inspector)

With those items agreed to be fixed by 14 September, we went ahead with the collection of the keys. We went to the Carlisle Homes head office and met our CLE for the first time.

So during our settlement at the Carlisle Homes main office, we got the items below and we handed our final payment in bank cheque.

Items we collected during settlement:
1. Signed Letter of Undertaking
2. Owner's Information Sheet for Waffle Slab
3. Entry door keys
4. A&L Handover Kit including window and sliding door keys
5. garage door keys
6. Occupancy Permit
7. Certificate of Installation of Termite Barrier (for Stages 1 & 2)
8. Plumbing Compliance Certificates for (a) Roof Plumbing, (b) Drainage - below ground sewer and stormwater, (c) Sanitary Plumbing, (d) Cold Water Plumbing, (e) Hot Water Plumbing, and (f) Gasfitting - natural gas type
9. Certificate of Electrical Safety for (a) 3-phase power, (b) exhaust fans, (c) smoke detectors, (d) wall oven, (e) rangehood
10. Installation certificate for Wet Seal (i.e. waterproofing)
11. Bradford Product & Installation Warranty
12. General maintenance tips for all timber and laminate floors information from Major Carpets
13. Caesarstone 10 Year Limited Warranty
14. HILLS Series LED Code Pad User Manual
15. Silicone Lubricant Spray
16. Carlisle Homes VIP card
17. $371 bank cheque for the flydoor credit
18. Myers Gift Card (a house-warming gift from Carlisle worth $100AUD.. thanks!)

After we got our keys, we head back to our house. We had our very first installation appointment in the house by 4pm. That is for the installation of TV antenna. We also had noted one defect which is the trilock of the entry door not working. So far, only the basic lock mechanism can be engaged. I immediately informed our CLE about it. Tomorrow, we will have the window blinds installation (shutters in 2-3 weeks time) and continuation of antenna installation (TV guy was able to successfully install for only 1 out of 3 TV points). Next week target is the driveway and backyard concreting.

There is just one thing that we are not really happy about at the end of the day. During the final inspection, our SS told us that the paint touch up works in the theatre room are still obvious because they are still wet and that they will become better once dried. We bought that and noticed later after we returned to the house the poor patch work and even see an area with a red sticker on that was not rectified. Anyway, we look forward to them fixing the paint along with the undertaking items.

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  1. Hi there, not sure if you can receive this, but I'm currently looking to engage Carlisle Homes for a house and land package in Craigieburn. Would love to hear how the finishings/fittings have lasted since the day you moved in... Please feel free to reach me at Very much appreciated.