Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lock up and Fixing in Progress!

I asked for an update last week from our site supervisor about the progress of our build asking when the lock up stage will be completed. I was surprised to know that lockup stage and fixing stage are happening in parallel! I was even more surprised to know that fixing will be completed last Friday ahead of lock up. That's actually a good surprise because it means our build is moving along fast. Well, the reason that lockup is not done yet is because they are yet to install the rendered board in the first storey (still in progress as of this writing). According to our SS, even if fixing stage is completed ahead of lockup, they cannot send the invoice yet until lockup is done. So the downside to this is that we will receive both the fixing and lockup invoices at the same time. But nevertheless, this is good news. At the rate how it is going, our SS says that walkthrough should take place mid August and we should have the keys early September! More than the speed we are really after the quality, so hopefully they will do a good job. We also decided to forego of the Paint Stage Inspection, but we'll go for Pre-Handover Inspection. Yesterday, we also bought sofas for the lounge and family! That's just the first item we are able to accomplish for the new house. Still a lot more to go.. On top of the list are curtains and driveway...

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