Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 1 (13.04.2012) - Site scrape postponed

Some updates this week. We were assigned with a new CLE as our previous one left CH. Furthermore, a reestablishment survey for our land was done. Our CLE said it is needed to establish the boundaries. We will be billed for that job and it costs $800++ for less than an hour's work! I happen to see the guy who did it as he prepares to do his work last Thursday and I asked him if he will take long to complete it. He said he will probably be done in half an hour! Anyway, now the pegs are there and boundaries are set.

Another setback was the rubbish found on our lot. We were surprised to see a pile of rubbish that was dumped by the next door neighbor. Luckily we saw some documents in their name and address in the pile so we are able to chase them to get those rubbish cleared. It caused us one day delay though for the site scrape which is usually done on the site start date. I requested for the site scrape to be postponed to Monday to ensure that the rubbish are cleared. So last Friday, which was officially our site start date, only the toilet was set up.

Here's the picture of our lot taken today. To the left of our lot is a built house, to the right is under construction probably in lock-up stage and the lots in front of us are all already built with houses.

Our lot before site scrape

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